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Growing ratio of cyber-attack and information leakage on the internet has led to a revisited and updated industry standards. In light of these growing threats, all bookings are safely processed using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 128-bit encryption (secure) between your internet browser layer and the payment details online on our website. We understand the need for a secure environment to process a transaction, which is why we employee state-of-the-art encryption and safety standards.

Whenever you are planning to make a transaction using our system to reserve a parking lot, airport lounge make sure the presence of a 'Closed Lock' symbol in the URL bar. The icon shows the presence of SSL encryption and additionally offers much-needed information about the website. So rest assured, this encryption helps us to make a secure transaction while encrypting your credit card information. However, because the site may be "frames enabled" the secure icon may not automatically appear in your browser window. Fast forwarding this whole process; after you have clicked 'Book Now,' you will now be asked to move on to 'Booking Details,' where you can find all the relevant details, payments and do's & don’ts.

If your browser is configured appropriately while opening a -SSL Encrypted- secure page, correctly, you will see a warning dialogue box to provide a notification about this situation.

Unfortunately, because there is a broad range of browsers available on the internet, so we are unable to explore all of them and list down possible ways to screen the security of our reservation pages. Nonetheless, following is a standardised pattern which can be followed to check the security on the 'Booking Form' page if you are using I.E (Internet Explorer) 5.0:


Right Click on 'Booking Form' webpage

Choose 'Properties.'

Click 'Certificates,' which will enable a pop-up notification - an explanation of Certificate properties will be displayed.

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